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Property Photography Marbella

Why have professional photos made of your property?

  • Because you never get a second chance for a first impression; it is the initial visual impact that draws the interest of a potential buyer and makes them stop for a closer look and more information.
  • Presenting your property in an attractive way is therefore of vital importance in attracting potential buyers.
  • In an era where tens of thousands of property images are just a mouse-click away it is essential to stand out from the rest.
  • The cost of a professional photo shoot represents a fraction of the sale value yet it can be a determining factor in helping to sell your property.
  • Remember, in marketing as in everything else, a picture is worth a thousand words.
Reveal the bright side of your home
  • A professional photo shoot of your apartment or villa in Marbella and along the entire Costa del Sol.
  • Our in-house photographer and graphic designer produce images and marketing material that helps our properties stand out from the rest and be noticed.

Professional photo shoots by our experienced photographer

Passionate about photography from a young age, our photographer has many years experience in creating architectural and interior décor images. Using the beautiful light of Andalusia, he is responsible for the bulk of the images on our website and marketing material, ranging from brochures and information packs to magazines.

An art form

Photography is an art in itself, but within this genre there is the specialisation of interior photography, which requires the ability to match and blend light, angles and composition in what are often dark and congested spaces when compared with the outdoors. As a result, it is a specialist skill reserved for only the most advanced and experienced professionals.

Our photographer is an expert in this field, able to identify the shots that will highlight your property’s best points and make it shine.

Professional equipment

We make use of the latest professional photographic equipment (see below: 1) that produces crisp, clear and ambient images that are utilised to actively market your property online, in marketing material and in magazines.


When shooting a property we first start with a storyboard. This is essentially a script according to which the photo shoot is set out, incorporating your wishes with regard to the kind of images to be taken as well as the photographer’s professional art direction. The rooms, angles and details to be photographed are noted, as is the preferred time of day. The latter will usually depend upon the desired lighting needed to create a certain ambience and highlight your property’s strongest features, but it can also be to plan around your availability.

We do not quibble about time or the number of images produced, but focus entirely on achieving the desired result. Assistants help the photographer to style, tidy and set up the equipment in an efficient manner that makes the best possible use of time.

We pay attention to detail and aim to capture the most attractive aspects of a home (2) 

It is said that photography is painting with light, so a skilled professional such as ours will work with light to create an ambience, highlight the architectural lines and angles, frame views and project a lifestyle, be it homely, cozy, modern, designer, outdoors or gregarious. In this way the Marbella climate and lifestyle are projected through the images, as are the individual strengths and characteristics of each home.

We style the interior professionally

Even a tidy and uncluttered home will often need some styling, if only to balance colours or create a compositional focal point in a way that only a professional photographer’s eye can spot. We therefore style a room before photographing it; carefully uncluttering the space and if necessary adding styling elements that add the finishing touch. It is this kind of attention to detail that completely separates professional architectural photography from the snapshots of a real estate listing agent.

Our graphic designer checks and retouches every photo

No matter how well an image is taken, Photoshop enables us to inspect it in closer detail and correct any blemishes or enhance the clarity and beauty even further. In doing this our graphic designer completes and perfects the work of the photographer.

In other words – gorgeous images that improve your property’s sales appeal

We are real estate agents but also passionate about quality and detail. Our photographic service is a part of that which we take very seriously, since we know that eye-catching imagery is one of the most powerful tools available in attracting potential buyers for your property.

Please contact us for a free quote, you will be pleasantly surprised.

N.B. There is no obligation to list your property with us.

This web page is under construction and will be complimented with additional images

(1) Professional Photographic Equipment

We use a professional Nikon FX for photo shoots. The camera is digital, but uses the larger 24x36mm format of analogue cameras with high quality detail and resolution. Nikon lenses, tripods and lighting equipment compliment the set of professional photography material used.

(2) Attention to detail /capture the most attractive aspects of a home

We choose the best angle and perspective in every room, which shows its attractive details, creates a sense of space and ambience, and where possible also includes exterior views.

We also try to add a sense of atmosphere and dynamics to an image, focusing on architectural geometry or perspective views to bring life to a scene rather than simply snap what is in front of you.

A well-composed image has an imaginary line along which the eye runs naturally and pleasantly.

The subject matter of the photo should not be disturbed by elements such a badly placed vase or chair as such an image would then be out of balance.

An image that enjoys proper framing of the subject, with optimal lighting and composition, will attract and please the eye.

Lighting is a vital element in achieving the desired effect. This is why we don’t (always) rely on natural light, but also use our own professional lighting sources and reflectors.

The human eye sees far more detail than a digital camera, so where necessary we use flash to enhance the natural light and give it extra body and richness. In this way shadows are softened and colours enhanced. By balancing in- and outdoor light, which requires a lot of skill, it is possible to take a photo of an interior whilst also being able to see a view out of the window. This combination is used in all the top lifestyle and architectural magazines.

These are the things that a professional photographer pays attention to.