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Guided tour on the Costa del Sol

Inspection trip on Costa del Sol and/or Marbella

Once you have decided to visit Costa del Sol or take the step to purchase your dream home in the sun and you have taken into consideration to use the services of a local professional real estate agency, we will be glad to offer you our expertise and full range of services.

You can inquire about what we can do for you by clicking on “About us” and “Our office”.

We put at your disposal our knowledge and experience in the real estate market in Marbella and the Costa del Sol

Know Costa del Sol in a short time

In 2 or 3 working days we can give you a good idea of the Costa del Sol and Marbella area and what the real estate market has to offer you based on your requirements and budget. In order to have this idea you would need weeks, months or even years whereas the market is changing on a daily basis.

We will show you the best deals available at the present time, which you would probably be missing if you do not meet us first.

Professional real estate agency

Because the real estate market in Spain is open and every professional real estate agent could show you in principle all the properties, as long as he has the manpower and the infrastructure but not all that glitters is gold and many of them will attend to you in a very unprofessional way. See more on our web page by clicking on “our office”.

Costas & Casas does everything to make sure you feel comfortable with us and that you are provided with a full supply of properties based on your requirements. We guarantee you objectivity, professional advice and an impeccable after sales service.

Due to the huge work and the costs involved in the preparation of a viewing tour (as we have to set up all appointments with developers and private owners), you are kindly requested to be respectful with our work using us as your first real estate agency and not to make other appointments during the time you have arranged with us for viewing; you may of course visit other agents, but we can already tell you that you will have seen 99% of the properties matching your requirements with us.

We will not put pressure on you to buy now as we work based on mutual confidence and respect. This is not our company policy or our nature.

We hope that one of the properties ticks all the boxes of your dream home and you can close a good deal. Satisfied clients are our greatest satisfaction and best publicity.

Free of charge for you

Some clients do ask us how much our services will cost them. For you, it does not cost anything.
In Spain the agency fee is paid by the vendor. If vendors knew how long it takes to search a property, set up an appointment, list it in our books with all its details and paperwork, make a good photo reportage, write texts and translating, place it on the website(s) and market the property, they would gladly pay for our fees. Moreover, vendors are not able to do all this by themselves but if they could it would cost them much more. This is for sure the case with developers; for them our fee is peanuts compared with making publicity on an international scale, which would cost them a fortune.

Viewing period

Because it is almost impossible to view everything during a weekend or during Spanish bank holidays and due to the fact that developments are closed and most of the key holders do not work, it is better to plan the viewing during 2 or 3 working days.

Hotels and flights

We can send you a list with the best hotels in Marbella where you can choose from.
Málaga airport has daily flights to all European main airports.
We can pick you up from the airport if requested in advance.

Contact us without obligation for more information about how to reserve your inspection flight.