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News about Marbella & Costa del Sol

Marbella, 15th October 2013

"Costas & Casas" - participant of 29th International Real Estate Exhibition DOMEXPO

International Real Estate Exhibition DOMEXPO will take place in Moscow, Gostiny dvor from 17 to 20 October 2013.

The International real estate exhibition DOMEXPO has been successfully held in Moscow (Russia) twice a year since 1999. It has been strongly supported by various authorities, such as: Moscow government, Russian Guild of Realtors, Moscow Association of realtors, the Association of investors, International Tourism boards and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Russia.

Domexpo is the largest exhibition for the national and international real estate in the whole Russia. The visitor profile consists of: private buyers, real estate investors, business consortiums, traders from the real estate, finance, banking and other key industry sectors. Domexpo is the only real estate exhibition placed in the heart of Moscow – only 3 min walk from the Red Square, in the one of the most prestigious buildings - Gostiny Dvor.

Contact us, if you wish to recieve your free ticket and visit our stand of "Costas & Casas", in Moscow.


Marbella, June 4th, 2013

TOP GEAR in Puerto Banús, Marbella

A television-crew hard at work with cameras, microphones, booms and the other accoutrements particular to its trade is not a particularly noteworthy sight in and around Puerto Banús. I may therefore perhaps be excused for having failed to notice the hubbub during my daily walk around town. Then again, I might just have been too deeply absorbed my own lofty thoughts.

However, somewhat later that same evening, while enjoying my supper in one of the many fine restaurants of Puerto Banús, I simply couldn’t fail to notice this particular television-crew which by now had emerged from a private dining area to step outside for a smoke break on the terrace. I immediately recognized the famed trio from the British TV-series Top Gear: Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

With unfeigned British stoicism the three mega stars reclined in their seats for a fag, quite unperturbed by the sensation their presence caused among the few passers-by. The few tourists who boldly approached them for a quick word or two saw their courage rewarded with a gracefully conceded autograph.

It must be said: Privacy is indeed a concept quite alien to the life of a television star.

Puerto Banús on the Screen

Next, the action moved to the docks of the Puerto Banús marina, home to an impressive collection of mega-yachts. The quay had been sealed off by the local police for the occasion. BBC cameramen and boom operators were hovering around the three impressive, glitzy sports cars parked there.

By now I had rushed to the office to get my own camera in order to record the memorable events about to unfold in the soft light of the oncoming evening. From afar, I could hear Jeremy Clarkson mutter something in between puffs of cigarette smoke about the light pollution emanating from the camera flashes of the small crowd that had gathered.

Not much later, the Top Gear three donned their mighty rides one-by-one as the BBC camera vehicle rolled off the dock. The first one to pass by was James May driving a blue Audi. Richard Hammond followed next in a Ferrari appropriately enough coloured red. The last one to glide by was The Man himself: Jeremy Clarkson at the controls of a yellow Lamborghini.


We already look forward, in great anticipation, to watching the Puerto Banús Top Gear episode.

Top Gear is a British show which has been aired by the BBC since 1997. The show was revamped in 2002 which resulted in the programme gaining a worldwide audience of some 350 million viewers on average in no less than 170 countries. This makes Top Gear the most-watched factual television programme in the world.

The show’s popularity is mainly due to its regular visits to exotic locations all over the world featuring both flashy, exclusive and – most of all – expensive cars and vehicles knocked together by diligent hobbyists. The inimitable dry wit of the show’s host, Jeremy Clarkson, and his irrepressible need to spout controversial opinions on just about any subject under the sun have propelled the show to great heights and awarded it a cult status of sorts.

We fervently hope that the Costas & Casas billboards lining the Puerto Banús quayside have made their way into some shots though we’re not really counting on this.

Click here for the photos

TOP GEAR in Puerto Banus Marbella
Top Gear in Puerto Banus, Marbella.  (Photos by Costas & Casas)

Marbella, May 24-25th, 2013

Doom and Gloom

We monitor the weather conditions in the Low Countries as part of our daily ritual. We are not in the least motivated by schadenfreude or any other perverse form of delight. However, it is most fascinating to note – and understand – the interaction of the various fronts and patterns that determine Europe’s weather conditions.

Then again, the exceptional climate of Marbella and the wider Costa del Sol is indeed one of the prime reasons for people from all across Europe to stake their claim in Southern Spain or to find solace from the adverse weather conditions “back home”. Indeed, this is the perfect place to recharge one’s possibly depleted batteries.

Clients from the Low Countries frequently tell us about the well-neigh inhuman weather they are subjected to seemingly without any respite in the offing. Notwithstanding the catchy optimism of local weathermen and -women who promised for today temperatures ranging from a high of 11 to a low 4 degrees centigrade, our clients failed to record anything over six degrees and mention copious amounts of rain coming out of the overcast skies. “You just can’t believe what’s happing up here,” sighed one of our more exasperated clients. We cannot but believe him at his word.

Here’s a clip from the leading Dutch daily De Telegraaf (referring to a well-known brand of sausages and other processed meat products): “Presenting Miss Unox for May 2013”. The picture shows charming, albeit zipped-up, Unox promoters distributing hot soup to passers-by numbed by the cold on the seaside boulevard in Scheveningen. For the past few days, Dutch and Belgian newspapers have headlined regularly with depressing news regarding 2013’s Spring of Horrors.

However, dear readers, one should perhaps not forget that the Low Countries just emerged from a Winter of Horrors which in turn was preceded by some three Summers of Horror of lead-coloured, overcast skies out of which abundant rainfall descended on a country where the thermometer at the time barely registered 18 Celsius.

By the way, this is about the same as the temperature in and around Marbella at night. So, in conclusion, one might surmise that Marbella’s night time weather is about equal to a good – if not, positively wonderful – springtime in the Low Countries. However bear in mind that, contrary to the aforementioned places, temperatures on the Costa del Sol shoot up during the day to 28 centigrade and beyond … in the shade. All this, of course, courtesy of a most dependable and glorious sun; ever present in the skies of Southern Spain.

News items dated after March 31 will appear shortly on this website.

Marbella, March 31th, 2013

Costas & Casas on Facebook

Costas & Casas now boasts a Facebook page and has also placed the ubiquitous Facebook like-button on its web pages.

We urge you to press the thumbs-up in case you like us – and we are indeed most likeable – and share our pages and site with your Facebook friends

Marbella, March 29th, 2013

Easter Bunnies

How about enjoying the thrills of a White Easter? An egg-toting bunny covered in snow hopping forlornly through an expanse of blinding whiteness.

One cannot feel but deeply sorry for the folks living this rather dreadful scene. After all, Easter is supposed the harbour the coming of the long-awaited spring. However, no such luck this year for the good and hardy folks inhabiting the aptly-named Low Countries.

By contrast, Marbella-based Easter bunnies had a veritable blast delivering their delicately painted cargo: Balmy weather, ample sunshine and the vibrant colours of a nascent springtime nature revival lightened their load considerably.

Photo: De Telegraaf. Snow with Easter in most of Europe, except at the Costa del Sol
snow with easter

Marbella, March 26th, 2013

New Employee Customer Service & After-Sales

As new employee of Costas & Casas, I would like to introduce myself: My name is Tessa van der Put and I was born and raised up in the Netherlands.

After obtaining my Bachelor degree of Commerce in 2009 I moved to the beautiful city of Marbella in Spain. Here I settled down to enjoy a pleasure-filled lifestyle.

Costas & Casas takes particular pride in offering its customers the highest standard of service attainable before, during and after their real estate purchase. My job at Costas & Casas is centered on ensuring the best possible level of after-sales service.
Indeed, our services do not end with your purchase and we, if so required, we can and will ensure life-time services to our customers.

From now on, I’ll be your go-to lady for all queries, request and needs you should have during or after your purchase. I’m also here to help you arrange with your rental properties.

As is the tradition at Costas & Casas, we operate as a tight team whose mission it is to unburden you from worries and concerns so that you may enjoy the carefree holiday you so much deserve.

You may reach me through the following e-mail addresses:


You may of course also drop me a line at these phone numbers:

Office : +34 952 908 759
Mobile: +34 663 904 944

Costas & Casas is ready to assist you whenever you need us. We may be reached by phone seven days out of the week from 10 am to 10 pm.

For after-hours emergencies, you may reach me on my mobile.

Tessa van der Put After Sales Costas & Casas Marbella
Tessa van der Put, Customer Service and After Sales of Costas & Casas Marbella

Marbella, March 8th, 2013

George Clooney buys Villa in Marbella

Hollywood-heartthrob George Clooney has arrived in Marbella on Spain’s famed Costa del Sol. In an attempt to escape the usual ado and hubbub surrounding his slightest movement, Clooney decided to abandon and put up for sale the villa he maintained near the Italian lakeside resort Como. Marbella is now Clooney’s new place-to-be.

Antonio’s Tip-off

Clooney decided on Marbella after receiving a tip-off by his long-time friend and colleague Antonio Banderas who was born in Malaga and indeed maintains a villa in Marbella. Accompanied by his then-girlfriend Stacey Kleiber, Clooney arrived in Marbella just before last Christmas for some house hunting.

The expedition resulted in Clooney becoming enamoured with a sprawling villa high up in the mountains that form the backdrop to Marbella. From this vantage point, the actor may enjoy stunning views of both the city below and the Mediterranean beyond.

The villa boasts four bedroom, five bathrooms, a pool hall and a wine cellar. Clooney is a respectable connoisseur of fine wines and has furthered himself in the art and science of oenology.

Golf Courses All Around

While in Marbella, Clooney may also partake in one of his other favourite pastimes: Playing golf. An avid and accomplished golf player, the actor’s newest residence is within striking distance of a great many premier golf clubs and courses.

It seems that Clooney is so impressed by his new hometown that he now mulls investing part of his earnings in a building project near the Marbella Club.

The actor has expressed his wish to accelerate his move to Marbella so that he may celebrate his 52nd birthday in his new surroundings.

During your next stay in Marbella, it is not altogether inconceivable you might just bump into George Clooney.

Marbella, What Else?

george clooney in puerto banus marbella 2010
George Clooney: A star-on-a-poster in 2010, now for real in Marbella.

Marbella, March 7th, 2013

Beach promenade East-Marbella

The Marbella municipal council has approved a project to build a second boardwalk extending eastwards connecting the downtown area to the Elviria Township.

This follows on the success of the first boardwalk in the western part of town and will result in Marbella boasting over 20km of seaside walkways.

The new boardwalk is to be designed and built in an ecologically sound and sustainable manner much like the first one was.

The project ensures residents and visitors alike countless hours of strolling and cycling pleasure alongside the famed beaches, beach bars and clubs.

Marbella, March 3rd, 2013

Costas & Casas Official Insurance Agent for Reale Seguros

Costas & Casas is pleased to offer its clients insurance coverage as an official agent of the Reale Insurance Company.

We are now able to offer our clients a wide selection of comprehensive insurance products as part of our ever-increasing range of services.

For additional information on Spanish insurances in general and those offered by Reale in particular, please click here.

Acquiring your home and/or car insurance through Costas & Casas has some distinct advantages:

• Who else knows your property inside and out but us who sold it to you?
• Where else will you find the level of service other than here at Costas & Casas? Service you already know.
• At our office you are never a mere number.

Reale Seguros has a solid reputation for offering comprehensive insurance coverage at highly competitive prices. The company is focused on customers who may not be permanent residents in Spain and thoroughly understands their particular needs.

Please don’t hesitate to request an insurance quote from us. We’d be thrilled to show you by example that you will not only save money on your insurance policy, but will also enjoy a more comprehensive coverage. All this comes with Costas & Casas´s well-known efficient service-with-a-smile.

Logo Reale


Marbella, March 2nd, 2013

Beach promenade San Pedro - Puerto Banus

The boardwalk that winds its way along the beach northwards from the San Pedro (Marbella) Boulevard has at long last been concluded with the opening of the final section stretching from the Ocean Beach Club to the endpoint in Puerto Banús.

The walkway is lined with an impressive number of restaurants and beach clubs drawing strolling crowds all year long.

beach promenade puerto banus finished
Completion of the Beach promenade San Pedro - Puerto Banus

Marbella, March 1st, 2013

Starlite Festival Marbella 2013

It gives us great delight to announce that the 2012 Marbella Starlite Festival, a resounding success, will get a 2013 edition.

This year’s line-up features, amongst others, Julio Iglesias, Enrique Iglesias, Alejandro Sanz and UB40.

You may find our review of the 2012 Starlite Festival here.

For more information on the upcoming festival please visit the event’s website: starlitefestival.com

Marbella, February 28th, 2013

Full Moon over Marbella

Here a few shots taken just after sunset as a full moon makes its appearance; first orange coloured, then yellow.
This moon, in fact the same one, appears much larger than the bleak little dot that graces the skies over the Low Countries.
For the life of me, I cannot recall ever admiring a moon like this up there whereas in Marbella this majestic full moon is quite a normal occurrence.

opkomst volle maan marbella

The full moon rises over Marbella

Opmkomst volle maan puerto banus

A short while later, the full moon rises over Puerto Banús.

volle maan marbella

Full moon over Marbella, somewhat later still and now coloured yellow.

Marbella, February 23th, 2013

Second Home Exhibition in Ghent, Belgium

Staff member Emile, of our Marbella office, shot this picture with his trusted iPad from a moving vehicle while underway to Ghent. He also took some pictures of the city’s beautiful historical downtown area.

Upon seeing these shots, my initial reaction ran along the lines of “why is he showing me black-and-white pictures?” Seriously! After almost twenty years in Marbella – and about a decade since our last sojourn outside of Andalucía – we have grown accustomed to the bright colours and light of our adopted home. So much so, that a regular day in the Low Countries now appears to us utterly devoid of both colour and light.

Emile´s pictures show us a world made up only of shades of grey; grim, sour and sad. Why not upgrade your grayscale life for a full-colour one in Andalucía!

On the motorway to Ghent, Belgium

On the highway in Belgium, destination: The Second Home Expo

On our way to Ghent in Belgium

In Belgium, underway to Ghent and the Second Home Fair.

Meanwhile in Marbella in February as well....
Marbella in February
Marbella in February

Marbella, February 20th, 2013

Exclusive Sale: Beach homes on the New Golden Mile between Marbella and Estepona.

Costas & Casas is happy to offer its clients a number of exceptionally well situated beach homes on the New Golden Mile between Marbella and Estepona Centre, not more than a short ten minute drive distant from Puerto Banús.

Some of these homes, currently belonging to a single owner, are now being brought onto the market. C & C has been appointed as sole agent and is marketing these properties exclusively.

All these homes are south-facing and boast 3 bedrooms, 3 bathroom plus a guest lavatory, three terraces and private gardens that border and give access to the wide sandy beach.

These properties are delivered fully furnished and equipped. As such they are perfect for your next beach holiday or as cash-generating rental property.

All homes are sold for € 580,000 excluding buyer’s charges. No similarly well-located and finished home may be found for this amount in the sector stretching from Marbella to Estepona. One would even be challenged to find a first line, 3-bedroom beach apartment for this money.

Additional information is available under reference number 111227.