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Invest in real estate Marbella & buying a property with a rental guarantee

Are you interested in investing in real estate on the Costa del Sol?

We would like to guide and assist you with everything you might have to deal with regarding investments on the Costa del Sol.

Below, we will try to give you an idea of what investing in property in Marbella and the Costa del Sol mean for you:

• In Marbella area, the demand for good, new and modern apartments still exceeds the supply by far, this in contrast to many other places in Spain and the Costa del Sol. The stock of available apartments in this category is very short and it is therefore difficult to find something good.

• For those who are interested in investing in real estate they can take more advantage if they do so in a place where the demand exceeds the supply.

• On the Costa del Sol, as in the whole of Spain, the prices of most new apartments have hit their bottom price. They are sold for slightly more than the remaining mortgage.

• Like in everywhere else, a good location is the main feature of an attractive property, especially when we are talking about a subsequent raise in value.

• A top apartment in a prime location in contrast to a typical apartment provides more security and a higher return on the investment you made.

Marbella is one of the places in the world that is always popular and will remain as it is because of its excellent micro-climate and the pleasant lifestyle. Think of the last frost with temperatures of -20 in the Netherlands and +20 in Marbella.

The city of Marbella is investing in the future. For the last couple of years they have been developing accordingly to a new city urban development plan in force for over the next 20 to 30 years. The already good infrastructure will be further improved and expanded this year by starting the construction of a new marina in Marbella which will be twice as big as the one in Puerto Banus.

What added value offers Costas & Casas to you regarding investing in property in Marbella area?

• For those people who during these times of recession are seeking for alternatives to savings and therefore are interested in real estate, we have especially created a new concept which is buying- with - rental guarantee. This is unique in the sector and is not offered by other companies.

Real estate is a solid long term investment. It has a high return on investment for both the professional and the private investors, sometimes in the short term, but definitely on a long term basis.

• Costas & Casas offers you a guaranteed rental income, which can be considerably higher than the yield given by a bank account. Nowadays, it is not certain that the bank maintains your capital and anyhow if it does so only up to € 100,000 is totally guaranteed.

In Marbella there is a great shortage of good long-term apartments for rent. You can rest therefore assured of a fast and worry-free rental return (should you buy an apartment with 60% mortgage in place, the mortgage will be paid off with the rental income).

The possibilities of renting short term, although higher, are more influenced by external factors like the weather in the rest of Europe and market ups and downs. Costas & Casas can organize a mix of short-term rental in the summer and long term rental from October to May to maximize your yearly rental income.

• In a sale-with-rental guarantee we will agree a fixed percentage of the estimated rental revenue guaranteed for you. This, of course, depends on the type of apartment and location, but it will be the first rental income estimation. This rental income that we have conservatively but realistically calculated for you could be higher in a good year or lower in a bad one. Another interesting point is the rental tax regime in Spain.

• Should we unexpectedly not meet the guaranteed rental income then we will pay you off the difference till we get to the agreed amount, so that you can always rest assured that you are getting the agreed minimum return.

• For short term rentals Costas & Casas will charge 15 % of the rental fee charged to the tenants. For long term rentals, the normal practise is to charge 1 month’s rental fee, but for our customers we offer it free of charge.

• Obviously, it will be up to you when and how you want to use your apartment. This will be agreed in advance.

• We can make an estimate for each apartment and make a suggestion according to your choice: short or long term rental, the rental period and the time that you want to use your apartment for during the year.

• The normal return on the rental of an apartment between € 200,000 and € 700,000 will average 3.5% annually, which is better than the poor yield given by most of the banks.

• There are exceptional apartments giving a yearly rental income ranging from 8% to 10%. On such properties we can guarantee a predetermined and agreed high minimum yearly rental income.

Interested in having more information about investing in property in Marbella?

We understand that, as a result of the above information, you may have questions or would like to discuss with us the specific opportunities for you.

Feel free to contact us. We would like to talk to you to provide you with further information.