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Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol – life in the sun

This sunny coast, washed by the Mediterranean and sheltered by the mountain ranges of Southern Spain, offers so much more than sun, sea and beaches alone.

You will also discover ancient cities full of enchantment and hidden delights, pretty Andalusian mountain villages, glamorous yacht harbours and stylish shopping venues, a rich culture and gastronomy, and great natural beauty all around.

The region has long been a popular year-round tourist spot, but more and more Europeans have followed the example of the rich and famous and settled here permanently or semi-permanently – drawn by a climate and lifestyle that knows no equals in Europe.

Let yourself be seduced by the many different aspects of the Costa del Sol. Enjoy our small sample of them.

Why Choose the Costa del Sol?


  • The best climate in Europe and one of the very best in the world.
  • An average of 320 sunny days a year with a delightful micro-climate.

Nature and culture:

  • Beautiful nature and environment.
  • Sub-tropical flora. Green all year round.
  • No pollution or traffic jams and several natural parks.
  • Broad and rich cultural life and inheritance.

Life style and prosperity:

  • High and luxurious quality of life.
  • Lively all year around.
  • Relaxed and safe environment.
  • Close to home, with daily, short and low cost flights.
  • Cosmopolitan life style.
  • Warm-hearted, cheerful and helpful Andalusians.
  • Almost everyone here speaks several languages.
  • Mature infrastructure.
  • Driving can be enjoyable.
  • Largest amount of golf courses per km2 in the world.


  • Stable and wide real estate market.
  • Quality products.
  • Outdoor life.
  • The California of Europe with the safety and stability of the European Union.

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