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TOP GEAR in Puerto Banús, Marbella

TOP GEAR in Puerto Banús, Marbella

2013-03-24 - Marbella
A television-crew hard at work with cameras, microphones, booms and the other accoutrements particular to its trade is not a particularly noteworthy sight in and around Puerto Banús. I may therefore perhaps be excused for having failed to notice the hubbub during my daily walk around town. Then again, I might just have been too deeply absorbed my own lofty thoughts.

However, somewhat later that same evening, while enjoying my supper in one of the many fine restaurants of Puerto Banús, I simply couldn’t fail to notice this particular television-crew which by now had emerged from a private dining area to step outside for a smoke break on the terrace. I immediately recognized the famed trio from the British TV-series Top Gear: Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

With unfeigned British stoicism the three mega stars reclined in their seats for a fag, quite unperturbed by the sensation their presence caused among the few passers-by. The few tourists who boldly approached them for a quick word or two saw their courage rewarded with a gracefully conceded autograph.

It must be said: Privacy is indeed a concept quite alien to the life of a television star.

Puerto Banús on the Screen

Next, the action moved to the docks of the Puerto Banús marina, home to an impressive collection of mega-yachts. The quay had been sealed off by the local police for the occasion. BBC cameramen and boom operators were hovering around the three impressive, glitzy sports cars parked there.

By now I had rushed to the office to get my own camera in order to record the memorable events about to unfold in the soft light of the oncoming evening. From afar, I could hear Jeremy Clarkson mutter something in between puffs of cigarette smoke about the light pollution emanating from the camera flashes of the small crowd that had gathered.

Not much later, the Top Gear three donned their mighty rides one-by-one as the BBC camera vehicle rolled off the dock. The first one to pass by was James May driving a blue Audi. Richard Hammond followed next in a Ferrari appropriately enough coloured red. The last one to glide by was The Man himself: Jeremy Clarkson at the controls of a yellow Lamborghini.


We already look forward, in great anticipation, to watching the Puerto Banús Top Gear episode.

Top Gear is a British show which has been aired by the BBC since 1997. The show was revamped in 2002 which resulted in the programme gaining a worldwide audience of some 350 million viewers on average in no less than 170 countries. This makes Top Gear the most-watched factual television programme in the world.

The show’s popularity is mainly due to its regular visits to exotic locations all over the world featuring both flashy, exclusive and – most of all – expensive cars and vehicles knocked together by diligent hobbyists. The inimitable dry wit of the show’s host, Jeremy Clarkson, and his irrepressible need to spout controversial opinions on just about any subject under the sun have propelled the show to great heights and awarded it a cult status of sorts.

We fervently hope that the Costas & Casas billboards lining the Puerto Banús quayside have made their way into some shots though we’re not really counting on this.