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Marbella Property & Year End Promotions: a Unique Opportunity!

Marbella Property & Year End Promotions: a Unique Opportunity!

As often happens on approaching the end of the year, many property developers and promotors will offer discounts to buyers who will sign the title deed before the end of the calendar year.  

Whilst such promotional sale offers could create the wrong impression in the minds of buyers as being an effort of promotors to get rid of less desirable apartments or unwanted ´´left-overs´´, rather the opposite is true: year-end sale promotions often represent excellent value and a perfect opportunity to snap up fine properties at a very attractive price. Let us explain.

The motives of developers to offer these discounts can stem from commercial, economic or fiscal (accounting) considerations. To illustrate some of these considerations: developers can be driven to get assets or inventory off their books by the end of the fiscal year, or to increase profits for shareholders by year-end or to improve cash flow before the end of the (fiscal) year or to simply reach sales quotas by holding companies.

The quantity of such year-end offerings and promotions can vary considerably and is linked to the total number of ongoing building projects, the amount of projects nearing delivery, the number of remaining available units in each project or a mix of all these particular situations.


This year, we are observing a higher than average inventory of new built real estate that needs to be sold before the end of the fiscal year. The reasons for this higher inventory are
(a) a confluence of upcoming delivery dates of several different projects of different promotors whilst...
(b) there has been a sharp increase in new projects which have started in the last 2 years.

Many of these new projects are sold out but some of them may have a coincidental ¨last remaining unit¨ with fantastic traits and attributes (unobstructed sea views, beachside location etc) and needs to be sold before year-end for the reasons explained above.

A further potential advantage of the promotional year end sale being that it may present you with a tangible new built property which is move-in ready as opposed to off plan projects.

If you are currently looking to buy a holiday home before the year end and on the look-out for opportunities, this may be the ideal moment to visit the Costa del Sol. Of course, we  would love to help you in your search for your dream home here on the Costa.

Below you can find links to projects and developments with special promotions.