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Insurances | Marbella & Costa del Sol, Spain

As an extra service for our clients we can also offer insurance services as an official insurance agent in Spain.

Once you have bought your house you can insure it.

House and contents insurance in Spain

The house insurance covers the damage to the house itself, the contents, liability towards 3rd parties and legal assistance.

The house insurance covers standard damages i.e.
Fire, explosion, electrical damages, acts of vandalism, impact, smoke, rain, wind, hailstorms, water damages in pipes, installations or underground sludge, repairs, robbery, theft, damages due to theft.

Did you know?: in Spain only the rebuilding value of the house will be insured, this way the amount on which the premium is calculated is kept lower. You may insure a higher value but it will only lead you to inflate your premium.
The amount of the contents will be fixed by yourself.

Car insurance in Spain

In Spain you can buy and drive a car as a resident or non-resident and then you will be obliged to insure it.
An NIE number has to be issued in your name but that is also compulsory when you buy your house in Spain, so you may have your NIE number when you buy your car.

You can either insure your house, its contents and your car and we can keep the bonus you may have accumulated with other insurance companies.

Did you know: in Spain the premiums are lower and the “road help” is included in the insurance and, therefore, for free.

Import of a foreign car in Spain

Do you want to import your own car from your country and put Spanish plates? A “Gestoria” (administration and advising office) is specialized in these matters. We help our clients for free. You can get a quotation of the plate registration tax and the road tax in advance.
We provide the “gestoria” with all necessary data and documents and guide you through the whole process.

Did you know? In Spain the road tax is lower (as well as the petrol).

Your insurance agent in Spain | Costas & Casas


Until 2012 we used to recommend our clients that bought with us to go to local insurance brokers in Marbella.
Sometimes we did a large part of the preparation of the work, follow up and when they had a question about it they used to contact us (not the insurance company) to clarify them. We were happy to give to our clients these type of services at absolutely no cost with the goal of providing them with a good and correct insurance product and service, or at least that is what we thought!! Then sloppy quotes and administration errors were for us the last straw that broke the camel’s back; Over insurance, not the cheapest or best insurances (now we know as we are insurance agents ourselves) plus the fact that we could do much better for our clients made us decide to become an official insurance agent in Spain. After months of insurance course and after having passed a tough examination, we did get our agent insurance license.

Reale Seguros

Reale Seguros is a large Spanish insurance company. They are the most competitive insurance company for non-residents insurance policies, and this is precisely the market of our clients that bought a second home in Spain with us.

The cover is excellent and the premium is, by far, the lowest one compared to any other insurance companies, even the online-ones, but with a personal service.

The insurance premium is always lower and often is half the price of other companies!

N.B. In case of a car insurance you will keep with Reale your own bonus discount up to the legal limit in Spain.

Our Service!

Who knows the house better than us who previously sold the house to our clients?
Who will give a better service to our own clients than ourselves?
Where does the client have a face and a name and is not a number?

Tailor made insurance

Every little detail of the insurance parameters is carefully taken into consideration by us with the best possible cover and, therefore, having the lowest premium as a result.

No more mistakes will be made by somebody who has not ever seen either your house or you, so your house will be tailor made insured. For variable parameters we will not just tick the standard boxes but we will ask you what you want before ticking them.

Costas & Casas | your insurance point in Marbella & Costa del Sol

You have already met our staff and office, so you will easily find and reach us to answer all your questions and to attend to all your requests.

Free quotation with no obligation at all

Provide us with a copy or your insurance policy or let us request it from your current insurance company. We will provide you with the best possible quotation and if you decide to do your insurance(s) with us we will do all the rest.